Humboldt Space Research America

Humboldt Space Co. is an international center for research, development and testing in the field of aeronautics, space and technology. Humboldt Space Co.'s main goal is to generate high quality data and implement it into the field, as well as to use the data in the development of new products.

As a Multinational research organization Humboldt Space Co. contributes heavily to the progress of the International Space industry. Humboldt Space Co. supports a wide range of disciplines necessary for the development of products related to the space and aviation industry. Activities in this area comprise of aerodynamic design, CFD calculations, flow simulations, flight dynamics and complex testing of aircraft in wind tunnels. Humboldt Space Co. is also one of the pioneers for space research in America and develops scientific instruments for outer space exploration and surveying. Our Main services provided for space sector include research and development of machinery, electronic systems and space crafts.

Humboldt Space Co. uses its expertise in the field of aerodynamics for the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and propellers, and provides utilizes their wide variety of research, development and testing to create more environmentally friendly systems.

Humboldt Space Co. is a leader in the commercialization of forward thinking technologies through its closely held partners. With its Beagle 44 project, a revolutionary chemical analyzer, with its pin point accuracy, speed, and inexpensive costing. Star scope positioned to be the front runner in the technology required to digitize, repair, and archive feature films, and film based television series, and consumer media.

Humboldt Space Co. pursues their long term research goals on a national and international level. To do this Humboldt Space Co. conducts in depth scientific research to identify and explore all aspects of the industry; including Space, aeronautics, and more. Humboldt Space Co. brings together some of the world's top scientific minds, and over 10 of the world's leading research centers. With more than 2,000 minds all over the world, Humboldt Space Co. is one of Americas largest scientific research organizations.