Humboldt Space Research America | Mission America 

Humboldt Space Co. adopts a forward thinking stance in scientific research and technical development.Our policy on science and technology meets the requirements of International security and sustainable development. In addition to the ever-evolving implementation of our research, the scientists in our research teams will collaborate with their respective industries globally on projects devoted to next generation technological advancements.


Humboldt Space Co. works on the development and investment in the International system of science, technology and innovation, to promote the building of a knowledge-based society, which will serve the sustainable development for the future.

  • • Formulating policies and International plans for science, technology and innovation.
  • • Coordinating International activities in science, technology and innovation.
  • • Providing support to scientific research and technological development.
  • • Conducting applied scientific research and technological development.
  • • Developing and strengthening cooperation and local, regional, and International partnerships for technology transfer and development.
  • • Investing in technology development and its commercial processing.
  • • Sponsorship, promoting and investing in intellectual property.
  • • Providing advice and innovative solutions.


  • • Integrity.
  • • Loyalty.
  • • Respect and appreciation showed to staff members.
  • • Community service.
  • • Excellence.
  • • Teamwork.
  • • Transparency.